John Hauser, Access Humboldt

Access Humboldt, Digital Media Archives

Known as "The Archive Guy", John is an IT consultant and digital media archivist from Eureka, CA associated with Access Humboldt.

He founded the Community Media Archive, in partnership with the Internet Archive and Access Humboldt, where public access TV stations and Community Media Centers can archive their video and have them automatically transcoded into MPEG2, H.264 and OGV formats. The CMA has grown to 45,000 videos from 54 access centers around the country.

He has spoken at six national ACM and several ACM Regional conferences about the Community Media Archive and assisted many access centers in understanding how to work effectively with the Internet Archive.

He received the Alliance for Community Media's 2015 Buske Leadership Award for his pioneering and continuing work in digital archiving solutions for community media.

A full list of John's presentation materials for the ComMedia 2015 conference is available at the following link:

The primary files are included below: