Community Media Policy Working Group Submits Report and Values Statement to CRTC Review of Community TV

  • Posted on: 8 November 2015
  • By: Cathy

(Ottawa, Nov. 6) The Community Media Policy Working Group submitted the report Community Media in the Digital Age: Relic or Renewal? and its draft Values statement regarding community media to the CRTC's review of its community TV policy (CRTC 2015-421).

In its submission, the group noted that the documents were drafts and constituted a preliminary submission. It stated that it wished to file more complete policy recommendations after consulting with community media practitioners, academics, and others attending the Community Media Convergence Nov. 22-24th. The Group also indicated its intentions to send a representative to the oral hearings that will take place as part of the CRTC's review in late January.

For more information about the Community Media Policy Working Group and its work, see Policy Proposal.