Community Media Policy Working Group Submits Comments to CRTC Review of Local and Community TV

  • Posted on: 7 January 2016
  • By: Cathy

The Community Media Policy Working Group submitted the Policy Proposals it developed based on the survey and focus group data collected in the fall of 2015 and for which it collected feedback at the Community Media Convergence--to the CRTC's on-going review of local and community TV on Tuesday, January 5th. The Proposals can be found with the Values statements published prior to the Community Media Convergence in Appendix B of the Group's submission to the CRTC below.

Since the CRTC is reviewing local and community but not other community media, the Group submitted answers to the CRTC's community-TV specific questions in a second document (the "Appendix C" of the submission) that makes linkages between the broader community media Policy Proposals and the specific questions posed by the CRTC. Appendix C draws on testimony from many participants of the Community Media Convergence.

The Group's submission also includes an update of the report Community Media in the Digital Age: Relic or Renewal? containing the results of the Toronto focus group (Appendix A). While the discussions and proposals to come out of the Toronto group were similar to those in other Canadian cities, higher participation by gaming groups in Toronto and the fact that Toronto is host to the majority of professional audio-visual production in Canada provided a different context to the comments.

Appendix D of the Group's submission contained comments filed on behalf of Patricia Elliott of the University of Regina (moderator of the Funding Roundtable at the Community Media Convergence) and Lisa Morin of the TVCTK community TV corporation in Temiskaming, Quebec. Many Convergence participants were unaware of the original Nov. 6th CRTC written filing deadline for its review of local and community TV. The Group offered to file comments from any participants who missed the original deadline.

To see the complete submission, see the files below.