Community Media Policy Survey

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) is a national regulatory organization that is reviewing the community television sector in the fall of 2015. In advance of this review, and for the purpsoes of development of the sector going forward, we wanted to find out what Canadians think about community media. Are they serving us in the digital environment? Are policies and funding to support community media keeping up? How do we source local information now.... through conventional media outlets? Community media outlets? Or through social media such as Facebook?

We used two methods to find out what you think;

  • With input from community media practitioners working in community TV, radio, online and gaming platforms (our Policy Working Group), we developed an online survey to find out how you use community media compared to other media, how effective you think it is, and what policy approaches would be appropriate for community media moving forward

  • We held focus groups in cities across Canada to enable you to get together with your neighbours and peers to answer the same questions... but in a group setting.

Based on what you told us in the survey and focus groups, the Policy Working Group will draft a community media policy proposal for Canada, which we will post here for your feedback over the coming weeks leading up to the conference. This proposal will be debated and refined at the Community Media Convergence in November before being shared with the CRTC and other government agencies whose policies influence community media.

The Working Group has completed a first draft of a report that summarizes and analyzes the survey results. Due to overwhelmingly strong response to the survey (over 400 of you) and the volume of opinion, experiences, and suggestions that you shared, it took longer than anticipted to comb through to categorize your feedback into themes. Because we want you to have the chance to think about these results and the policy proposals as they emerge in the lead-up to the conference, we are sharing this first draft now, even though we are aware that further analysis with different sets of eyes and correlating the data in different ways (by region, by demographic, etc.) may yield additional insights beyond what has been identified in this first pass.

The language of the comments (English and French) has been preserved in the original. The French version is in translation and will be available within a few days. We apologize for the staggered release. We thought it important to make the data available as soon as possible and that both anglophones and francophones might benefit from access to this data earlier rather than later. Here's the link to the report (also available on the Research and Resources tab).

Community Media in the Digital Age: Relic or Renewal?

Between now and the conference, please 'weigh in' during the policy development process. Post your thoughts, comments, reactions here:

Policy Development Forum

Each week, the Working Group will post the results of the most recent week of work. We will shortly be posting a set of common values for community media in the digital environment, arising from the themes and priorities identified in the report, including: role of community media, governance, funding, content, training and management, archiving and accessibility. We look forward to your thoughts and will check the forum for input to each meeting.

Finally, the survey is still active if you'd like to take it.

If you have questions or comments about this survey or the research process, please contact